Renewable Electrification and Distribution

Welcome to WPower, an Engineering Company committed to the green energy stewardship, social Equity, and Sustainability.

We are proud to recognise that our skills, goal and commitments are aligned to the greater of our communities and our planet.

Our expertise in the renewable has been tested and proven for more than 20 years and still is within this dynamic and challenging world.

Amongst others, the followings are our focus.

Mini-Grid Solutions

Empower communities and businesses with our mini-grid solutions, where women play a crucial role. We believe that electrification should create economic opportunities for all, and our projects reflect this commitment

Solar Home Systems

Light up your home with our solar home systems, driven by the innovation and dedication of our female engineers and technicians.

Renewable Energy Integration

We seamlessly integrate renewable energy sources into our mini-grids and solar home systems, championing the sustainable solutions that women in our company advocate for.

Electrification for a Sustainable Solution

Electrification is the cornerstone of our sustainable solution, and women are instrumental in making it happen. We believe in electrification that empowers, uplifts, and creates positive change.

About wPower

At wPower, we are more than just an energy company; we are pioneers of sustainable change, committed to shaping a brighter future through innovation, empowerment, and responsible energy solutions.

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